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Get Ready For Fusion SLR

July 8 2013


The Chromogenex Fusion SLR – A 3 dimensional Non-invasive facial rejuvenation system

We've been incredibly impressed with the results gained with the Fusion SLR system and will be launching this sensational facial rejuvenation system at ASC in the coming weeks. Please call Agnieska to book your consultation.

Quite simply, as with all Chromogenex technologies, the results with this 3 step treatment have been sensational. A complete treatment takes about 45 minutes and, with the recommended course of 6 treatments, the outcome is firmer, tighter skin for that smooth and 'lifted' look. This non-invasive treatment delivers a true 'wow' factor.


The skin is cleansed and then prepared by exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface using the Fusion diamond handpiece.


Next, the Hyaluron gel is applied to the skin. The Ultrasound handpiece is the applied to the skin and vibrates the skin cells to produce channels through which the Hyaluron can penetrate deep into the skin. This results in a plumping of the skin through hydration and replenishment of Hyalron.


The fusion cold laser is then applied to activate the Hyaluron and tighten the Dermis to produce a lifting effect on the skin. Finally, the Fusion SLR Peptide cream is applied to the skin to promote cellular growth and rejuvenation. By working on three layers of the skin, this 3 dimensional approach is highly effective producing instant and long lasting removal of lines and wrinkles and lifting of aged sagging skin.

 Come on, let's reveal your inner youthfulness! Look great and feel fabulous with Fusion SLR.

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